Who am I?

Hi, I’m Ryan.

I’m a creator. I dream of products and bring them to life with code. wellness at Care/of. I enjoy working on personal projects, writing, and capturing the world with a camera.

I’m a technologist. I’m a voracious learner and enjoy distributed system design, event-driven programming, and data analysis. Professionally, I’ve led engineering initiatives at Canary, Blue Apron, and Harvest.

I’m an adventurer. Explore the world. Try anything. Never stop learning. I spent 14 consecutive months using Airbnb to explore neighborhoods in many cities across North America before settling in NYC. I’ve explored Japan, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Italy, and I love connecting with digital nomads and world travelers that help plot my next adventure.

I’m an optimizer. I love discovering ways to optimize computation and business performance. My work enabled Canary’s computer vision pipeline to process over 400 million daily videos and saved the company millions of dollars in cloud computing costs.

I’m a minimalist. I strive to remain focused by removing excess from my environment and my mind. I buy things that I use often and greatly cherish.

I’m an athlete. Yoga and running.

I’m a biohacker. Yoga, running, supplements.

I’m patient. Invest time now and save it later.

I’m pragmatic. Turn possibility into reality.

I’m agile. Increase efficiency without sacrificing quality.

What do I believe?

I believe life is too short to expend energy without purpose and passion. Too many people waste their lives working jobs they hate to afford things they don’t need.

I believe in doing only that which is needed to achieve the desired outcome.

What inspires me?

  • Reshaping healthcare and the ways by which humanity understands and cares of itself.

    While generally healthy, my family has dealt with serious conditions ranging from leukemia to macular degeneration. Personally, I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at 18 and periodically undergo treatments to mitigate the effects of surgery-induced retinal inflammation. When I claim to care about healthcare, it’s because I truly understand what it’s like to manage a condition, pay thousands of dollars for treatment, and watch affordable healthcare literally save the life of a parent.

    My passion for wellness led to me design a system for monitoring health-related data from all areas of my life - from indoor air quality during sleep to blood glucose after a meal or workout. Being able to quantify and visualize my life has provided a foundation for positive behavior change and has also simplified the process of developing new habit-building techniques and achieving higher ROI on the actions I take to achieve my ideal condition.

  • Biohacking

  • Quantified Self

  • Software Engineering

  • Software Infrastructure

  • Urban Development

  • Productivity

  • Personal Finance

  • Blockchain

  • AgTech

  • Psychiatric Treatment

  • Nutrition

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Indoor Agriculture

  • Sustainability

  • Cost Reduction

  • Early Retirement

  • Simplicity

  • Minimalism

  • Smart Contracts

  • Security

  • Vision

  • Machine Learning

  • Automation

  • Serverless Computing

  • Golang

  • Docker / Containers

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Data Processing

  • Statistics

  • Financial Independence

  • Assets vs. Liabilities

  • Investing

  • Market Analysis

  • Photography

  • Travel

  • Living Abroad

  • Continuous Health Monitoring

  • Continuous Health Correction